In Praise of The Rock (And His Best Film So Far)

The cover story of the National Review that arrived in the mail today:

(Yes, I do intend to photograph all books, magazines, DVDs, etc. alongside Maura…)

I read the story this evening and endorse its argument and conclusion about The Rock’s appeal and his culturally-nourishing potential — no surprise given that I usually agree with David French‘s NRO pieces. It warmed my heart to see this pearl of wisdom dropped, as it had appeared in yesterday’s debut MAD TAB blog post:

I’ve always enjoyed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, if not his movies. French makes a compelling case for the value of The Rock’s big budget B-movie action career. Fair enough – it’s not my genre and looking over The Rock’s filmography from the past decade and a half there’s really only one movie on it that I adore and would make the case for as great art:

Moana is the best Disney animated film to join the canon since the 1990s Renaissance. Johnson’s performance as the demigod Maui is one of the key elements that makes the film such a success. I could list other reasons why April and I as devout Disney fans hold Moana in such high esteem, but I wonder if it’s even necessary.

Does anyone disagree that Moana represents a high point return, on par with Aladdin and Hunchback? (Though admittedly not quite as perfect as Beauty and the Beast…)  And what aside from The Rock’s talents make the film work so well for you?

Author: David Swindle

Editor, writer, activist.

One thought on “In Praise of The Rock (And His Best Film So Far)”

  1. Huge fan of The Rock and his positivity!
    Although, Aladdin AND The Little Mermaid (individually) > B&tB. 😉

    Not really a fan of the F&F movies, but they are what they are.

    Anyway, I’ve said many times that he is the model Hollywood should follow instead of the “cause d’jour”.


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