UPDATED: Maura Went to the Vet Today & She’s Fine

This morning, after dropping off April at work, I stopped to fill up the gas tank and took this photo of the back seat:

We’d gotten out of the house much earlier than anticipated so we had some time to kill before Maura’s 9:45 AM appointment to have a growth examined and likely removed from outside her right ear.

I decided to take her to the park; then afterwards chose also to swing by the house so she could get some water and so I could clean off her paws which she’d muddied. We arrived at the vet with plenty of time and were seen in early. The price of removing the growth and then getting a biopsy on it were far more reasonable than expected and further confirmation that we’d found a great vet.

I’ll spare you any gory or gross pics. Here she is now home & exhausted, parked in front of the door to April’s art studio:

This post will be updated with news on Maura’s healing.

12:48 PM Update: She hasn’t been picking at it but just to be on the safe side we decided to put Maura’s “Conut” (cone+donut) on her. That’s now above as this post’s featured image. April likes to say that she looks like Queen Elizabeth I when wearing it.

May 25, 9:39 PM: Great news! The vet called us today and the biopsy of the tumor came back benign, as we expected. We’ve got a healthy Maura! What a relief!

Author: David Swindle

Editor, writer, activist.

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