Ending Two Seasons of Silence

As is apparent, I have neglected regular posting at the MAD TAB Blog for most of the year. For this I have often felt guilty or even hypocritical – here I am telling the novelists I edit that they should be keeping a regular blog and other social media to connect with new readers and yet I am falling short in one of the important categories myself.

The truth is that this year in the writing-editing spectrum of activities I’ve come much more on the latter side. I have a general tendency to put editing my friends and colleagues’ writing ahead of writing my own. Thus, writing my own blog posts has gone on the back burner as editing and developing novel projects and maintaining the weekly publishing schedule at the Liberty Island website has taken precedence.

However, some good news: at this point I’m almost “caught up” on where I’d like to be with novel editing and should again be better able to balance my time to include more of my own writing, both publicly in blog posts and articles, and privately as I continue to develop my Biblical fantasy novel series and nonfiction book explaining my eccentric experience regarding political ideologies.

In the meantime I encourage you to follow me on Twitter @DaveSwindle where I remain the most active on social media. As I experiment more with other social media platforms and channels I’ll notate them with posts here. For example, another social media network I’ve joined recently is MeWe. You can find and connect with me there here.

I am also still occasionally active on my ThothAndMaatMarried Instagram, however I have not yet decided the account’s future, if I will continue it or start a new account with a different focus. (I recently got a new phone and have not yet installed Instagram on it. I only take photos for this account with my old phone — just about the only thing I use it for now.) I lean toward keeping it as my book/art/Maura/sunset account, and have not yet decided on a focus for a second account for the new phone. You are more than welcome to suggest one.

Thank you everyone for your patience, more books, articles, blog posts, and new media troublemaking is coming soon…

Author: David Swindle

Editor, writer, activist.

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