My Favorite Chris Cornell Song & Video

I was never all that big into any of his bands but the song above and its accompanying video of “Cochise” are wonderful.   Continue reading “My Favorite Chris Cornell Song & Video”

RIP Bob Owens, Defender of Freedom

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Bob Owens’ death on Monday has been officially declared a suicide. You can donate to a memorial fund for his family here.

I didn’t know Bob as well as I’d liked and now that will be a permanent regret. I edited his articles for several years, from 2011 until 2013 when he left to become Bearing Arms’ editor. His archive is here, in particular scroll down some and I’d point you toward his delightful series chronicling the episodes of the popular Doomsday Preppers show. Bob was a fun writer to edit; and his enthusiasm and passion for his subject matter was infectious and persuasive. Continue reading “RIP Bob Owens, Defender of Freedom”