UPDATED: Maura Went to the Vet Today & She’s Fine

This morning, after dropping off April at work, I stopped to fill up the gas tank and took this photo of the back seat:

We’d gotten out of the house much earlier than anticipated so we had some time to kill before Maura’s 9:45 AM appointment to have a growth examined and likely removed from outside her right ear. Continue reading “UPDATED: Maura Went to the Vet Today & She’s Fine”


‘So Why Adonai, Do You Reject Me?’ – Psalm 88

Behold the Power of “Ferengi Feminism”

(Warning: lyrics in music sampled for video below contain NSFW language.) Here’s a recent studio recap that April made for a piece she’s working on:

The piece-in-progress features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a gifted Nigerian author and feminist activist, juxtaposed with the phrase “Ferengi Feminism” to be rendered in a similar style to an earlier piece (that sold in her recent solo show) in this “Afro-Futurist” series, Rules of Acquisition: 

What is “Ferengi Feminism”? Continue reading “Behold the Power of “Ferengi Feminism””

RIP Bob Owens, Defender of Freedom

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Bob Owens’ death on Monday has been officially declared a suicide. You can donate to a memorial fund for his family here.

I didn’t know Bob as well as I’d liked and now that will be a permanent regret. I edited his articles for several years, from 2011 until 2013 when he left to become Bearing Arms’ editor. His archive is here, in particular scroll down some and I’d point you toward his delightful series chronicling the episodes of the popular Doomsday Preppers show. Bob was a fun writer to edit; and his enthusiasm and passion for his subject matter was infectious and persuasive. Continue reading “RIP Bob Owens, Defender of Freedom”

In Praise of The Rock (And His Best Film So Far)

The cover story of the National Review that arrived in the mail today:

(Yes, I do intend to photograph all books, magazines, DVDs, etc. alongside Maura…)

I read the story this evening and endorse its argument and conclusion about The Rock’s appeal and his culturally-nourishing potential — no surprise given that I usually agree with David French‘s NRO pieces. Continue reading “In Praise of The Rock (And His Best Film So Far)”

What Is The Meaning of This “MAD TAB” Blog?

Here’s the brief story of why I stopped blogging and why I now begin again.

It’s Sunday, May 7, 2017, and today I return to a passion abandoned almost eight years: the personal, fun, hobby blog.

I had kept various blogs and home-pages during junior high, high school, college (1996-2006), and for 3 years after, but in August of 2009 I figured they had served their purpose, and decided to stop. It was then that I stopped blogging for fun and went pro. That summer I accepted a full-time position editing, growing, and developing a media criticism blog for a political non-profit organization. Two years later, in September 2011, I moved to a similar position as associate editor at a for-profit, new media start-up company, editing their lifestyle blog, opinion columnists, and freelance article submissions.

Today I have a foot in both worlds. In May of 2015 I resigned as associate editor and joined a for-profit fiction publisher where I edit and acquire novels and also manage the website. A year later, in May of 2016, I took a second position as coordinator at a research institution/non-profit think tank.

All throughout these changes I poured my energy and focus into the publications I edited — keeping a personal blog like this seemed unnecessary and time-consuming. But now everything’s changed — it’s May 2017, and at both the sites I edit we are now accepting new contributors. (Click here to learn more and contact us with queries or submissions.) It finally feels right again to start a blog that’s casual and fun; where I can experiment with creative ideas and connect with kindred spirits who are interested in the subjects to be featured on this blog.

Why “MAD TAB”? Continue reading “What Is The Meaning of This “MAD TAB” Blog?”