My Culture, Arts, and Faith Archive: 163 Articles, Blog Posts, Essays, and Reviews from 2011-2020

When I graduated from Ball State University in 2006 I did so with two majors – English with a creative writing emphasis and Political Science. And ever since then, so have I remained, largely split between exploring the realm of film, fiction, art, culture and faith versus fighting in the political ideology contests. To see my writings on the latter subject from 2011-2017 please click here, and to see my newer writings from 2018 through the present (with regular updates) click here.

As one would hopefully suspect, I have grown and my views evolved over the years, so not everything in these articles is necessarily a position which I still hold. However, I have tried to not include those which are simply too far from my current perspectives.

Also, given the age of some of these articles, many do not have the same correct formatting and complete images as when they first appeared. In some articles this is not very consequential, whereas in others the images were custom-made by me and more consequential for the article. Oh well. Caveat emptor.

2011: 28 Pieces

A 5-Part series at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog:

10 Articles and Book Reviews published at FrontPageMag: 

That Summer I began contributing to PJ Media before joining as associate editor: 

2012: 32 Pieces

(Unless otherwise noted all articles between 2012 and 2015 were published at PJM)

2013: 36 Pieces

2014: 39 Pieces

2015: 8 Pieces

2016-2017: 2 Pieces

(Over the next two years I primarily focused on Counter-Islamist writings, though would blog periodically on culture at LI and here at the MAD TAB Blog. All articles listed from 2016-2020 appeared at Liberty Island.)

2018: 7 Pieces

2019: 7 Pieces

2020: 4 Pieces So Far

More updates to come as I do more pieces on culture, the arts, and faith!

Author: David Swindle

Editor, writer, activist.

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