My Counter-Islamist Work: 32 Articles, Photo Essays, and Reports

Here is a collection of events I’ve covered and the articles I’ve written in my work as the Southern California associate of the Counter-Islamist Grid, an initiative to monitor and counter Islamist influence at the local level.

*August 12, 2019 Update: Now expanded with some new pieces and a few I’d forgotten to include previously*

*September 25 Update: Now updated with 2 more CIG articles and 2 other recent, related pieces, one for Campus Watch and another for Islamist Watch, my first article as a fellow for the project.

* November 21 Update: My second Islamist Watch article since I began as a fellow is now included, as are two more CIG articles: my first reporting on the Institute of Knowledge’s recent convention (there are more to come…) and an article about what I saw when a group of Kurdish activists protested CAIR’s Los Angeles branch for being sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

* December 5 Update: Just added a new Daily Wire piece on another Islamist leader in Southern California whose influence is rising. Now up to 25 articles this year between the Counter-Islamist Grid, Islamist Watch, and Campus Watch.

* January 3, 2020 Update: A new article for Islamist Watch about Islamist security forces potentially receiving taxpayer money now published at the Daily Wire

* January 16, 2020 Update: A new Counter-Islamist Grid article published at PJ Media about a misguided Muslim comedian supported by Islamist influence group MPAC, and a report at the CIG website featuring expanded interviews and photographs from the Kurds’ protest against CAIR.

*January 29, 2020 Update: On my 36th birthday a new article at the California Courier revisiting the counter-Turkey protests

*February 5, 2020 Update: My first article at the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), the organization of leading Muslim Reformer Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.

*May 20, 2020 Update: I’ve written fewer articles these past few months because most of my time has been spent on a larger, in-depth research project. However, now there are two more recent articles (my final article on the Institute of Knowledge conference and an article on Islamists exploiting the COVID-19 Crisis) and I have six more in varying stages in the pipeline… Continue reading “My Counter-Islamist Work: 32 Articles, Photo Essays, and Reports”

My Archive: 50 Counter-Islamist Articles from 2011-2017

[Image above: the late Barry Rubin, Middle East scholar, prolific writer, and intellectual mentor to me and many others throughout the conservative blogosphere, seeding his approach to understanding the tumults and challenges of the Middle East.]

While this ongoing collection of articles and reports I’ve written for the Counter-Islamist Grid will grow with each new piece, I though it might be of interest to pull together another collection documenting the previous articles and blog posts I wrote in years prior while first as a contributor to PJ Media, then as associate editor, and next as coordinator of Islamist Watch:



1. June 29 at PJ Media: Sinking the Flotillas with the Weight of the Law -My first ever article at PJM

2. July 25 at PJM: Larry David’s Curb Confession… – An early example of writing on the interaction between Hollywood and Islamism

3 December 13 at PJM: Saudi Arabia Reminds Us We Are All Jews


4. September 11 at PJM: 9/11 Rewrote Our Lives in Ways We Are Only Beginning to Comprehend – Writing 9/11 reflections each year is a longstanding tradition among conservative bloggers

5. November 4 at PJM: The 15 Best Books for Understanding Barack Obama’s Mysterious Political Theology [See titles 9-13 here] – Developing a list of books and authors to recommend has been an ongoing project

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Welcome to Atlantica: April’s Solo Art Show at Fullerton College

This past week April has been in Fullerton, CA as artist in residence, part of the program which has brought years’ worth of her artwork to the college. Here are some Instagram photos and videos from April’s account of the exhibit and in preparation for it:

Pieces in the garage ready to be transported:

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Loaded up:

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Opening March 5th @fcartgallery

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A sneak peek of the exhibit as it was being set up on the Sunday before opening:

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36 of the Best Recent Maura Videos and Photos

It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a collection of pics of our beloved Siberian Husky Maura. Here are some of my favorites:

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Plenty of Hilarity at the November 20 Democrats’ Debate

I again chose to Live-tweet my reactions to the Democratic debate, illustrated by Rick and Morty gifs and others. This is what blogging has become today. Social Media rules.

I hope you enjoy:

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My Gif-Fueled Commentary on Last Night’s Democrat Debate Clown Show

I decided to live-tweet last night’s Democratic Party presidential debate. We watched it streaming on Hulu and I unloaded with these barbs, observations, and a few retweets too:

Steyer actually did fairly well.

The level of conservative affection for many of the way-out-there-no-chance Democratic candidates is one of the amusing aspects of this cycle. They are largely appreciated for their quirkiness and for occasionally pointing out the BS of the leading candidates.

Biden’s used this “drum” line a number of times already. I’m not sure how many more times he’ll be able to use it before it starts to seem weird.

This is now the big danger of putting up Warren as the nominee. Apart from her Hillary 2.0 qualities it’s so easy to poke holes in the flimsiness of her “plan.”

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Some Spring Maura Doggo Photos

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Ending Two Seasons of Silence

As is apparent, I have neglected regular posting at the MAD TAB Blog for most of the year. For this I have often felt guilty or even hypocritical – here I am telling the novelists I edit that they should be keeping a regular blog and other social media to connect with new readers and yet I am falling short in one of the important categories myself. Continue reading “Ending Two Seasons of Silence”

A 25 Song Playlist to Energize Your Writing

Yesterday in an online writing group, one sci-fi author wrote, “I am writing a chapter where the protagonist is (finally) leading a mutiny against her spaceship Captain. I need a playlist to write to. Taking all song suggestions!”

I threw a half dozen youtube videos at him and then decided that it might be worthwhile to compile a longer, more complete list of favorite tracks and explain how they assist me. So here you go.

I believe that essential to creative writing is the ability to shift and re-focus one’s normal state of consciousness — embracing the altered state. Thus, when I’m going to seriously write for a number of hours chances are it’ll be aided by some combination of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, exercise, and yes, specific songs. The objective of these varied methods is to prevent the mind from growing distracted and wandering to non-writing subjects. Music of numerous genres can contribute toward this shifted consciousness effect. Thus, I have chosen 25 tracks from throughout history and genres — from the Baroque era on through classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s, heavy metal and rap from the ’90s, and onto this century’s often more electronic pop songs.

I hope you find at least some of these tracks both useful and entertaining.

1. Just about anything by Bach can help inspire your writing. I love the Baroque era.

2. Vivaldi was another wonderful Baroque composer.

3 and 4. While I generally prefer the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, when it comes to kick ass, high energy tracks the Stones may have an edge.

5. While I’m trying to keep this list in rough chronological order, this track from a 2001 solo Mick Jagger album, Goddess in the Doorway, is getting placed among Stones tracks. “God Gave Me Everything” has been one of my absolute favorite, mantra-like tracks for about five years now.

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